Whether you’re in the market for a new furry addition to your family, or already have a cat or dog of your own, you’re probably looking for some fun, creative ways to update your pet-friendly home.  Growing up I had poodles, toy poodles!  No shedding, no big wagging tail knocking over furniture and certainly never would my raincoat wearing poodle come in the house wet or muddy! These were house dogs, through and through!

Fast forward to 2014.  It seems all my clients now have dogs!  And not just any dog but a true member of the family.  I have grown pretty attached to some of these four -footed family members and try hard to help incorporate their “lifestyle” in my design ideas.  But it wasn’t until this past year that my daughter, Jillian, adopted two little fur balls of her own: Jamie, the tiniest little kitten you’ve ever seen; and Rocco, a giant, now 6-month old lab-shepherd mix.  All of the changes Jillian has made to her house for these little ones taught me how to take the every-day things pet owners need in their home and make them fun and stylish for an all-over pet-friendly place!




Choose the Right Fabrics

FabricsWhether you want him to or not, chances are your pet will eventually end up paws first on your favorite couch or chair.  When choosing your fabrics, make sure you find something that is both durable and easy to wash. I love the Kravet Soleil line because their fabrics are so easy to clean that you can even use bleach to clean off extra muddy paw prints!  Fabrics like this are perfect for indoors and outdoors, not to mention their gorgeous patterns that will look great in any room of the house.






Kravet Soleil




Get an Off-the-Floor Feeding Station

Keep your floors clean by feeding your cat or dog from an off-the-floor feeding station.  I’ve seen tons of these at discount stores like Home Goods, but we found this Dog Bone Pet Bowl Stand that we absolutely love for only $29.50-$49.50 at Pottery Barn.  If you really want to spoil your little kiddies, try ordering a handmade, personalized pet bowl stand from Etsy!


Pottery Barn














Hose Off Your Rugs

When your dog is running in and out of the backyard, you’ll want door mats that are easy to clean and can withstand any kind of weather.  Not to mention, a rug that can be hosed off outside is just an added bonus!  Chilewich doormats are perfect for pet-friendly homes in any season to keep your floors clean without sacrificing style.





Lounge in Style

The Company Store

The Company Store


The Company Store

The Company Store

As the weather starts to warm up, you’ll want to spend more time outside with your pup.  So why not let him relax on your patio in this adorable Adirondack Outdoor Pet Bed ?  Not only will your dog love his new bed, but it will look great on your patio, too!



Get Creative!

Have some fun decorating your house by accessorizing with little things like leash-hanging hooks and door knockers!  Instead of throwing your dog’s leash in a cupboard, find a funky hook to hang it from next to the door, like this Show Dog Hook from Anthropologie or a Doggie Row of Hooks from Pottery Barn.  You could even match with this adorable Dash Dog Door Knocker !





















Pottery Barn




Spruce up the Storage

One thing every pet owner needs is a place to put all of your kiddie’s toys, blankets, and bones.  Instead of stuffing all of these things in a plastic container in the corner of the room, take this as an opportunity to add a little pizzaz to your living area!  Since these things can get a little hairy from time to time, make sure you choose something that is easy to clean and durable, like the wicker Doggie Toy Basket from Pottery Barn.


Pottery Barn



Hopefully now you’ll be able spend a little bit less time cleaning and more time enjoying your furry family!