Paintings and mirrors are always safe options when it comes to incorporating wall art into your home.  However, it’s always so much more fun to find unique, funky ways to decorate your space and make your home truly one of a kind- that’s why we’re showing you our TOP 5 FAVORITE CREATIVE WALL ART IDEAS (in  no particular order!)!


1. Tea Cup Clock

Tea Cup Clock by Sweet Paul

Tea Cup Clock by Sweet Paul

What a fantastic way to sweeten up a large wall space than by recycling the tea cups you never use (or ask an older relative to check their china cabinet for a few spares) to make a giant clock!!!  This would be PERFECT in your kitchen or breakfast nook!


2. Wall Mosaic


I admit, this could get a little “hairy” to DIY… There are TONS of mosaic artists that make gorgeous pieces like this.  Here’s one that we  love from Designer Glass Mosaics:



3. China Plates Arrangement



Why waste more cabinet space if you can put your elegant china plates on display in your dining room?  You can hang them on hooks and take them down for special occasions, or leave them up for everyone to enjoy!  My mom used to do this with our china, and it was always so nice to be able to enjoy them every day even if we weren’t using them!


4. Wooden Wall Art


With wooden art, you can make any designs, big or small, that fit your the look of your room.  We think these rustic wood designs are simple, yet creative!  You could even make your wooden art a bit more personal, like this wooden painting that I know my daughter would just LOVE in her house with Rocco!!



5. Photo Arrangements


There is no BETTER way to make your home personal than putting your very own photo collage arrangement on display.  Take all of your framed photos and decide what layout works best for you, then start hanging!  You can even lay down a large sheet to trace the frames and make sure they’re properly measured before you start!

Here are some layouts for you to try!



Wall art projects like this not only fun to create, but they can give such amazing personality to any room in the house!