I am an Interior Designer…  Very often I am asked to assist in a kitchen project.  I see my role as directing space planning, overall mood and feel of the room, colors, finishes, style, surfaces, etc.  But when it comes to specifying cabinets and cabinet design or the newest in appliances, I go to the pros.  A  Kitchen and Bath Specialist can make the difference between a good kitchen and a spectacular one!  I’ve asked three of THE BEST Kitchen Designers what their favorite new product is, and here’s what they said!




Julie Lyons-Full frame

Julie B. Lyons (Roomscapes Luxury Design Center) says:

Imagine…. Making risotto without ever stirring – ever, re-heating pizza and getting a crunchy (and not soggy) crust, cooking vegetables quickly and holding onto all of the nutrients at the same time, cooking hard boiled eggs without ever boiling water, proofing and baking bread in the same oven!

The Wolf steam convection oven uses steam, convection heat, or a combination of both to achieve the results of boiling, sauteing and simmering from a cook top or baking, browning, and roasting from an oven.

Those are just the “basic” modes. There are several others from Gourmet, to pre-set recipes, to saving your OWN recipes, or to a warming function.

It will change your cooking, enabling you to make a huge variety of foods more quickly, efficiently, and with much greater health benefits for your entire family.

We are so excited about this oven we use ours in the showroom nearly every day!







AG13-KSwan-9667-print7inBWKaren Swanson (New England Design Works) says:

Are you the understated pearls type or do you prefer a statement piece? The jewelry you wear is a reflection of your personal aesthetic and is the finishing touch applied as you walk out the door.

In a similar vein, cabinet hardware is one of the final touches on a kitchen renovation: it completes the kitchen and adds a touch of elegance or whimsy, of industrial chic or tradition. The choice you make is a reflection of you, so take your time with this important decision!

DuVerre Hardware features original designs by world renowned designers. Beautiful and unique, this hardware is also environmentally friendly, as it is cast from 100% recycled aluminum. As such, this choice is even compatible with LEED objectives.


Forged 3 by Heinz Pfleger, featured in an award winning design by Karen Swanson, New England Design Works

Forged 3 by Heinz Pfleger, featured in an award winning design by Karen Swanson, New England Design Works




photoTracy Hanlon (EcoModern Design) says:

I have loved coffee for as long as I can remember- my dad worked in the coffee business and would make a fresh pot every morning.  I find that the Miele coffee system gives me the freshest tasting coffee, in the fastest amount of time and convenience during a busy morning.

Miele makes several different models to meet your needs, whether you want to add to your existing kitchen or are planning to put one in a new kitchen.  Models range from built-in to countertop.

For the new kitchen, I like the 24” CVA6805 brews brilliant white plumbed built-in coffee system. The features of this model are the ease of use. The water line is built-in. It is easy to program and gives you many options. You can add your whole coffee beans and one touch makes your selection to brew your perfect cup of coffee. If you cannot plumb in the water line, Miele makes a model with a water container that you can fill manually.  You can add your whole coffee beans and with one touch, brew a perfect cup of coffee with its easy to use design!