Sometimes when you start a new Interior Design project, it’s hard to get the momentum going.  You need to start looking for inspiration…  I look everywhere!!  I find ideas in other people’s homes, from my travels, in magazines, and from my favorite Interior Design books.  I thought I would share with you the books from some of my favorite designers!  If you need a little inspiration and can’t find it in your usual places, maybe one of these will give you just the ideas you need!

These 5 books are from Interior Designers that I have had the pleasure of meeting.  Their design stories and philosophies will stand the test of time – these books will never become dated… and flipping the pages of a beautiful book is so much nicer than flipping through pages on the computer, isn’t it!?


1. Alexa Hampton’s The Language of Interior Design

Alexa Hampton

Alexa Hampton has such a beautiful, timeless style.  My favorite thing about the rooms that Alexa creates is that they are welcoming!  So often design can be stifling and untouchable.  Alexa has a way of making things both beautiful and inviting.  And I love her take on beds – she creates “cocoons” that you just want to crawl up in!


2. Lisa Newsom’s The Houses of VERANDA


Veranda Magazine needs no introduction!  It is one of the best shelter magazines for Interior Design available today (or ever).  Lisa Newsom has put together some of the “best of the best” houses from Veranda and created a “coffee table book” of inspiration.  I love her Southern charm, and this book just radiates hospitality.

Some of the “exteriors” are just EXTRAORDINARY!


3. Thom Filicia’s American Beauty

Thom Filicia

Thom Felicia designs with such a casual, carefree style.  His designs take into consideration everyday life, “pet friendly” and all.  This book chronicles a complete lakeside home that Thom created for himself and it is filled with charm and inspiration!


4. Trudy Dujardin’s Comfort Zone: Creating the Eco-Elegant Interior


I just recently had the opportunity to meet Trudy and learned more about her eco-friendly design philosophy  After a personal experience with environmental toxins, Trudy has built her business on teaching others how to make their homes beautiful and “healthy”.  This book is a beautiful piece to add to the “coffee table” stack!


5. Jonathan Adler on Happy Chic Colors


Fun, funky, bright, colorful, joyful, playful…..I could go on and on.  Jonathan Adler designs just make me smile!  They radiate optimism and happiness like no other designer today.  This book is more than good design, it’s a good read…and one that will leave you smiling!