Terrazzo – it’s everywhere!  But what is it?  

It originally was a composite material, poured in place or precast, usually just for floors or counters.  It had pieces of marble, quartz, granite, glass, or just about any kind and size of chips added in the mix.  Now terrazzo is a look – and it is popping up on backslashes, rugs, tabletops, walls, lights, accessories…and everything in between!


Although commonly found on countertops and backsplashes, you can still create a beautiful, contemporary look like this one by Dzek.




Ever thought to use it in stairs?  What a fun idea!

Divisare, Photo by: Imagen Subliminal


Rugs have even adopted the shapes of terrazzo to create a similar feel with a little more coziness underfoot.



Used as an accent on a lighting fixture, West Elm proves a little goes a long way!

West Elm


A terrazzo table may be a bold move, but we think that in the right space, this look would be fabulous!



Not ready to commit to a a piece too large?  The terrazzo print sideboard is a stylish accent piece in a contemporary room!

Deny Designs


You can never go wrong with smaller decor items like a throw pillow or drawer pulls!






If you’re thinking about adding some style to your walls, maybe a framed print (or two) is the perfect option.  

Available on Etsy by depeapa



Available on Etsy by depeapa


Feeling extra bold? Try wallpaper!

Murals Wallpaper



Ferm Living



What do you think about all of the new ways to use this classic look?  Where else would you love to see terrazzo?  Let us know in the comments!