Over the past few months, it’s no secret that many of us have been adjusting to the “work from home life”.  This is no easy task, especially when it happens suddenly, unexpectedly, and you’re stuck trying to find a healthy balance between your work life and home life.

Since we are a mother-daughter business and have been working from home since before it was “a thing”, we thought we would share some ideas we’ve learned over the years.

If you’re frantically trying to find your notes and tripping over wooden blocks trying to answer a phone call (while chasing your 14-month old twins around the house), we’ve been there.

If you’re trying to set the table for dinner, and are pushing aside computers, papers, pens, and planners (but can’t find any safe place to put them), we see you.

If you’ve *cleverly* scheduled your Zoom meeting during your child’s nap time, but nap time is cut short and you need a quiet place to retreat and finish up, been there too!

(Seriously, as I sit here writing to you, my two toddlers are playing tag underneath my desk.)

For some of us, working from home is just going to be the new normal (at least for now), and it may be time to start looking into making this transition run a bit smoother.  After all, working from home has some pretty awesome perks!

If you’re in need of an office in your home but don’t have much space, a wall desk can be a great option.  We used this one from West Elm for a client in a small condo, and it was the perfect size for the corner of their guest room.  The nice thing about a ladder style is that it offers shelves for storage and takes up minimal floor space.  To consolidate even more, opt for a backless stool to store right underneath when you’re done working.

Susan Hayward Interiors

If you love the idea of a wall desk and find that you do have some extra space for more storage, this modular system can be used together (as shown), or even broken up to place the side pieces around the room as your space allows.

PB Teen

Remember those family dinners where you would break out the tray tables and eat together during movie night, so that you didn’t have to drag your kitchen table into the living room?  Well, think of this fold-away desk as the tray table version of an office- no need to lug around your heavy desk from room to room to get a little peace and quiet!

Urban Outfitters

If you find yourself needing extra writing space for your computer desk, a drop-leaf table is a great way to pop out the extra room when you’re taking notes.

West Elm

Even if you have no floor space at all, you can always find a spot to quickly jot down some notes.


This “cabinet” is the perfect hideaway for a pull-out desk and storage.  And, proof that you can find space for a desk in any room!


For a quick on-the-go set-up, you can take this ergonomic computer desk to any room. (Hint: Grab those important conference calls and head for a quiet room!)

Discovery Deal

If, like many of us, you’re unsure how long you’ll be needing to work from home and aren’t ready to commit to adding a whole office set up, a simple console-style table is a great option.  You can always add storage, like these rolling file cabinets, later!



What have been your biggest challenges trying to work from home?  Let us know in the comments, and we’d love to see if we can help!

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